The Woman Retreat July 20th to 27th 2019 in the Dordogne

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The Woman Retreat

Warning this yoga practice will change your shape!

Jacqueline Purnell has designed a whole weeks worth of yoga practice which has a main focus for weight loss.

The Woman Retreat

This “baby and me” sequence is designed to reconnect you with your abdominal muscles and tone them while burning fat.

Gentle stretches that are cleverly aimed at going deeper into areas that can be re-awakened after birth. Target areas that allow a relaxed and calm mindset for parenting.

All levels are catered for. From complete beginners to more advanced practitioners. First time mums and second and third time and beyond.

The Woman RetreatJacqueline Purnell is a prime mover in identifying the need for offering Yoga to all adults including mothers with babies.
It is a time in a woman's life that can be enhanced greatly by safe and appropriate yoga practices.
Jacqueline is known for creating safe and respectful spaces for women to be facilitated to find balance in this special time in their lives and their families' lives.
Increasing strength and flexibility to support your ascent beyond your childbirth.
Jacqueline has put together a programme, which combines breath work and flowing postures to optimise safety and fluidity within the practice.
Lots of mums are referred to by their midwives and doctors and during their Yoga sessions they have the opportunity to develop a profound bond with their babies.

As well as enhancing the vitality, mobility, general health and emotional health. Baby and Me Yoga also provides a valuable quiet space in which to develop a deep bonding relationship with the baby.
Postnatal recovery yoga for healing and vitality; asana, meditation and deep relaxation with babies for each developmental stage during the first six months of life, we will use this practice of yoga to build physical and emotional contact between parents and their babies and to promote contentment in family life, the use of language, yoga games, songs and pair work in baby and me yoga sessions.

The Woman Retreat

Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell is there to guide you through the steps towards your new connection with your body and your new baby and this will permeate out in positive ways to those around you.