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Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives if spine flexible just one bolster as Alexia shows us.

Kyphosis is a structural deformity of the spine where the thoracic spine is convex and ‘hunched over’, giving a slight (or not so slight!) ‘hunchback’ appearance. In fact the well-known historical figure of the Hunchback of Notre Dame suffered from a strong degree of Kyphosis! The condition is occasionally hereditary where people are born with the condition have had it running in the family. Therefore genetics can play a part sometimes. We are still unsure how the formation of the spine is disrupted and research is ongoing; alternatively it can also develop gradually from a lifetime of poor posture habits, hunching and slumping over!

There is also an unconscious emotional element to the appearance of kyphosis, where after one too many heartbreaks or setbacks, we begin to cower over to protect the heart. In whichever way kyphosis has come to be present, it is a poor way for the wonderful architecture of our spine to hold itself in shape, and doctors may decide that the condition needs correcting.

However, over the last 20 years we have been slowly evolving to hunch over our computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones and as well, and as we know without regular 15 minute breaks of a minute to stare into the distance it is not doing a great deal for our eyesight or the comfort of our eyes.
Those with insomniac susceptibility find late night sessions on the net can keep us awake for hours.

Computer hunching certainly hasn’t helped those with a tendency towards kyphosis!

So in our yoga practice we are doing a lot to open up the chest area, to look at really mobilizing and opening up the muscles here as well as their surrounding fascia to keep them mobile and to keep the circulation moving in these areas. This sensation of opening up the chest can feel truly invigorating. I worked as an Underwriter at Lloyds of London in the City for 10 Years so I know how it feels to be desk bound.

I do feel that everyone needs an antidote to the modern sedentary office life and I think it should be offered in offices that you can lie down in Suptha Badokonasana as the antidote to the hours spent in desk chairs and at computers. We already know that some employers are offering their employees the opportunity to apply for eye spray and stand up desks, but often this gesture is to a degree marred by people having to carry this stand up office desk equipment around with them- so we find that the employers can actually, without meaning to, work against their employees! I’m also constantly asking my students if they have this stand up computer desk arrangement in their office and most of them say no- they’ve never even heard of them and they still have to sit at desks- it seems to be either only the really health and posture conscious, the wealthy employees or the ones who are most senior in their jobs who get them! But if everyone had a space to just lie back in Suptha Badokonasana- even if it’s with the knees bent and the soles of the feet flat on the floor- and to just breathe, this could stop our race from evolving into a planet of hunchbacks.
You may laugh……
Jacqueline Purnell Yoga Alliance ERYT 500

Alexia is in the Garden of Joy in Ibiza enjoying the posture with a yoga belt to hold the integrity of the posture and blocks to support the thighs. Initially just one bolster then modified to have two bolsters and then feeling cosy with a blanket on top!

Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives to modify use two bolsters
Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives note the two blocks under both upper legs.
Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives belt low crossing sacrum at the back against the bolster
Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives preparation for the final rest in Supta Baddhakonasana
Kyphosis of the spine and Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Reclining Bound Angle Pose new perspectives snuggled under a blanket


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We are offering complimentary full 90 minute yoga sessions every afternoon from 2nd-19th May 2017!

This May from 2nd-19th inclusive, we are holding a series of complimentary yoga sessions in the afternoons at 4pm to 5.30pm in the Garden of Joy!

You may know someone who could really do with the impetus of complimentary classes to inspire them to start or restart their practice.

Come & join us in the beautiful and lush surroundings and practise a full 90 minutes of pranayamas, asanas and deep relaxation.  You will enjoy deep breathing, fully oxygenating your tissues and relaxing your nervous system.  We will follow this with an invigorating and empowering mix of asanas, including inversions, balances and backbends.  On the more nourishing side we will also explore forward bends, natural spinal alignments and relaxing restorative postures.

Who is eligible:

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner or somewhere in between all levels are welcome!  This includes pregnant students and those who have just had their baby, who wish to strengthen and empower their own bodies whilst simultaneously nurturing a deep bond with the baby. 

The benefits:

The benefits of yoga for all are numerous and amongst those include improved blood circulation, enhanced strength and flexibility, greater mental and physical prowess, better posture, improved capacity for natural breathing, greater grounding and balance in your day to day life and significant stress relief.  Yoga is also said to clear the complexion, brighten the skin and eyes, enhance mental discipline, de-clutter and soothe the mind, relieve depression and anxiety and even prevent or slow down the onset of ageing.

Alexia Eden, Yogashala Ibiza Yoga Alliance 200hour graduate 2016

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YSI Opening Party


We’ve been having an amazing response from our newsletter and recent blog posts for those of you interested in coming to our FREE CLASSES and to book our 3-FOR-2 PRIVATE CLASSES this summer. Everyone seems to love our new logo and the new website will be up soon. To celebrate all of these amazing changes we’d like to invite as many people who are on Ibiza as possible to our OPENING PARTY.
This will be taking place from 3.45pm onwards at the Garden of Joy in Cala Llonga, a perfect opportunity for those of you who don’t already know where we are to get familiarised with the location before all our classes start to kick off! We will be having drinks and nibbles in the beautiful space, and you can see where you’ll be practicing yoga with us in the weeks to come. It will be the perfect opportunity to meet Jacqueline or any of the YSI team of teachers for any questions that you may have. If you’d like to come along and join us, send us a message on Facebook or to

Just to remind you that the FREE CLASSES at the Garden of Joy are happening 3.45-5.30pm on these dates:
• 1st-8th May
• 29th May – 12th June

If you came to all of them, it stacks up to 400 euros worth of yoga!
And also that the 3-FOR-2 PRIVATE CLASSES at your apartment, villa, yacht, or at our own Garden of Joy are running all summer long. To get booked in contact

Yoga Classes


To all yoga teachers out there we’d like to remind you that here at YSI we can help all the RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers) complete their Continuing Education hours. These hours are necessary to complete every three years to maintain your registration and continue to grow your yoga knowledge and teaching skills. Jacqueline is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) currently registered with Yoga Alliance and so has the authority to allow you to continue your journey as a yoga teacher.


What are the Continuing Education requirements set by Yoga Alliance USA?

Every three years from your initial date of registration teachers must submit a minimum of:
• 45 hours of yoga teaching
• 30 hours of yoga training
       o At least 10 training hours must be Contact Hours
       o No more than 20 training hours may be Non-Contact Hours

With Jacqueline acting as your Continuing Education Provider, she can sign off your completed hours in your involvement here with Yoga teacher training and Workshops. She can also sign you off on your reading of educational yoga books and you may receive mentoring from her. 

If you’re reading this as a yoga teacher and you’d like to get involved to get some of this signed off this summer whilst enjoying the sun in Ibiza, contact

13th April 2015

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Detox Package

With the purchase of each of our Detox Holidays comes the Detox Package, posted straight to your doorstep. This means that you can get started at home before you even come out to us, optimising the results that we know you’ll achieve here. This is an ultimate 12-day internal cleanse that is designed to leave you noticeable more toned, healthier, radiantly alive and glowing with confidence.

It's called the Detox Package – but it’s more than that. It is a complete program of blood and tissue regeneration. The package contains both dietary guidance and mouth-watering recipes, but also high quality internal cleansers – these work to rejuvenate each and every organ, gland and tissue in the body, right down to the very last cell. Prepare to be astounded and pleasantly surprised by the results.

After having done the 12-day plan of the Detox Package, (or whilst you are still on it!), you’ll then join us here in Ibiza for the best bit; the crunch. We make this the most enjoyable experience for you by taking care of you from the minute you arrive with us until you depart. This isn’t just a one-off health kick for the body, this is the start of the new you. Much more than just losing weight, you tone up and hand over the logistics of the detox to us. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is taught in a fun, friendly environment so that this time you really KEEP the weight off as you start to develop healthier choices and patterns in your daily routines. So all you need to do is enjoy the sunshine, be guided by us before you will feel a new brighter and lighter you.

A great adventure is about to begin” – Winnie the Pooh

Garden of Joy

Along with the logo change we’ve been thinking about our Mission Statement here at YSI to really make it clear what we’re all about.

Detox PackageWhy do people come to yoga classes?
Every student comes to yoga somehat uniquely and with a variety of intentions: primarily for a physical workout but also to reduce stress, clear the mind, to develop more balance in life, to increase strength and flexibility, heal a physical or emotional injury and to cultiavte a happier outlook on life and a greater sense of overall well-being. Any of these sound like you? Carry on reading, this is definitely for you…

What do our classes offer?
The YSI classes are sequences that offer all of the above qualities to our students, to satisfy each of their reasons for coming. Our classes are a practice of moving into energetic balance amid the constancy of change in our lives.You will be guided in and out of postures with the rhythmic flow of the breath. This dynamic movement allows the body to open gently and deeply to assimilate the benefits of the exercise into your body.

What do our teachers do?
The YSI teachers give thoughful consideration to all elements of class, ultimately to give sequences that are informed, effective, efficient, beautiful and integrated. This blend allows a graceful transition into a gradually more sublime experience of yoga, leading to a healthy, wholesome and sustainable practice.

How will you leave us at the end of class?
The effect of our YSI method is an elegant and inwardly satisfying exercise practice that simply feels right. As you rise from the final resting posture to conclude the class, you will feel more whole and integrated than when you stepped onto your mat, with a sense of being more grounded, awake and clear. This prepares you for your next dynamic movement of the day; the moment you step off your mat into the world.

Garden of Joy

Thinking of hosting an event this summer? Whether it's simply for a gathering or photo shoot, the Garden of Joy at YSI could be the space for you. Situated in fabulous natural surroundings just outside Santa Eulalia and only a 15-minute drive from Ibiza town, it is just 5 minutes from a beautiful pebble beach and 10-minutes from a shallow sandy bay. There are beautiful views of the nearby ‘Magic Mountain’ and the sea. There is an outside shaded yoga platform perfect for a dancefloor or communal area for large groups.

The rustic Garden of Joy was custom built for yoga practice by Jacqueline and her partner Sol. It has its own organic vegetable garden and there are flowers, trees and bushes all around – you are really in the middle of a Garden of Joy!

The Garden of Joy is situated above Sol Den Serra beach, near Santa Eulalia. Follow the sign posts to Amante Beach Club. Go right through Cala Llonga, follow the road for 900 metres until you get to Amante Beach Club.


10th April 2015

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Pregnancy Module

The next biggest exciting course happening at YSI is our 85-hour module for Pregnancy and Post-Natal training. So to answer some questions that you may have, read below:

Who will teach me?
Jacqueline Purnell, the YSI founder. She is a prime mover in identifying the need for offering classes to pregnant women and mothers with babies. Safe and appropriate exercise can greatly enhance this time in a woman’s life. Jacqueline feels passionately that training teachers and those connected with childbirth is vital for creating safe and respectful spaces for women to be guided into finding a sense of balance during this special time in their lives and the people around them.

What does the module teach me?
The module helps you to develop safe and appropriate means of increasing your pregnant student’s strength and flexibility to support their ascent towards child-birth and beyond.

What is the programme?
Posture teaching and breath-work chosen to optimise safety and fluidity within the specialised training. The range of asanas includes forward and backward bends, rotations, inversions, standing postures and arm-stretching. Participants are encouraged to develop their own set of personal goals regarding the speciality of teaching pregnancy and post-natal recovery classes.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga

Who is this module appropriate for?
Existing yoga teachers who wish to integrate pregnant women into their general classes. After doing this module you, as a teacher, will be able to offer classes and or courses to pregnant women, and ‘Baby and Me’ classes and or courses. Midwives, doulas and anyone involved in obstetrics and childbirth education would also thoroughly enjoy and benefit from this course.

Why do it?
Pregnancy & Post Natal YogaThere is a crying need for pregnancy and post-natal recovery classes. We teach you how to set up and run classes for babies and mums. You can enhance the vitality, mobility, general health and emotional well-being of your students who are expectant mothers. You can help women to bond with their baby at an incredibly important time, giving your student the assurance that she is in safe hands in her role as a mother. There needs to be more teachers who give these speciality classes.

When is it?
The arrival day is Wednesday April 30th 2015, when you would need to get to us by. The actual course starts the next day and runs until the late evening of Friday May 8th. Then the departure day is Saturday May 9th 2015.

How much is it?
The course investment is £1595.00 inclusive.

Pregnancy & Post Natal YogaWhat does the price include?
• Shared accommodation – this is off-site in twin rooms with catering facilities perfectly situated 10-15 minutes walk from our centre with a local supermarket, shops and cafes close by. Single rooms are available for a supplement of £495.
• All tuition
• The certificate
• Daily light brunch of muesli and fruit and dinner at the Garden of Joy, every day except your free day and the arrival and departure dates. These meals are prepared using the finest available ingredients, including homegrown organic produce.

What doesn’t the price include?
• Insurance, flights and transfers to and from our venue (30-35 EURO from airport or centre to us)
• You must ensure that you have the correct insurance, as in the event of you not being able to attend the full course for any reason, YSI or any employees thereof are not able to act as your insurer
• We recommend that you book your flight as early as possible; Ryanair and Easyjet offer cheap flights, if you need help finding a flight please contact us.

How do I apply?
You need to email to fill in some forms, and then you will be required to attend an informal phone interview to ascertain your suitability for the course with the course leader Jacqueline Purnell. Upon selection the total investment is required to confirm your place which is non-returnable and non-refundable, and this investment is required at the latest 8 weeks prior to commencement on the course. On receipt you will receive your information pack with full details of the course. Please note that the dates are arrival and departure dates.


Garden Of Joy

Life-drawing classToday was the life-drawing class at the Garden of Joy in Cala Llonga, near Sol d’en Serra in Ibiza. Finally I got to see the Garden of Joy – and what a beautiful space it is. I can’t wait to do the 200-hour Teacher Training here with Jacqueline in June and to be here all the time. It looks like the perfect place to do yoga that anyone could wish for, and Jacqueline explained to me how the studio floor under the tents shown here is brand new. You can hear the waves crashing against the sand and birdsong in the distance, and you are totally surrounded by green bushes, vibrant flowers, growing vegetables, bustling trees – LIFE is just all around! There is a charming little Bali hut for meditation and massage during the Detox Holidays that will happen here, it is a very picturesque space indeed.

Life-drawing classThe life-drawing class was a great success, with some really impressive results from the artists there. Everyone commented on how peaceful it was to quieten the mind for a while and just focus on being creative and what was infront of them and on the page. Our life model gave us some really dynamic poses and it all flowed really well. One of the artists commented at the end, “It was something that I haven’t ever done before in that environment. And it was really interesting to see my work completed at the end after such a long time doing it!”

At the end of the class we all sat around and enjoyed a delicious lunch together of roasted vegetables, cous-cous, mixed salad, bread and aioli – delicious.

We are organising more life-drawing classes and also if you want a bespoke life-drawing class at your villa then do contact us at .


Very exciting news today that a sample of our new YSI vests that will be coming soon. What do you think? Please feel free to give us any comments on our Facebook or Twitter page. If you’re on the island and you’d like to get a vest, I’ll be bringing them to the YSI classes at Galeria Elefante (Tuesdays 9.30 Jivamukti with Jacqueline, Thursdays 11.15 Vinyasa Flow with Leanna), and will always be with a few when I’m around and about! We will also be selling these from our website soon, if you have any questions please contact us. I know what I’m wearing to yoga class tomorrow!

YSI Vests YSI Vests

9th April 2015

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UPCOMING EVENT: Life Drawing Class at the Garden of Joy Thursday 4th April 10:30am

Life Drawing Class


The season is about to kick off and we have an event this week at the Garden of Joy this Thursday.

This event will be a life drawing class for 48 EUR for people of any artistic level, including complete beginners, held at 10:30am and lunch will be served afterwards. A life drawing class may sound bizarre for us as a yoga school to host, but it makes total sense with yoga and here’s why:

Doing a life drawing class helps us to investigate human anatomy with our beady eyes, resulting in a greater awareness of our own bodies and the human form. This means the next time you’re in a yoga class and your teacher tells you to focus on a particular body part such as your hip flexor, your hamstring or triceps for example – you’ll have a greater understanding of where these body parts are and be able to focus your full attention on them. This can really help to improve your postures in an intelligent way – so who said all yoga had to be done on a mat?

The real benefit of this class is that we really get permission to look at the human form, which sometimes we are afraid to do in every day life. A really opportunity for the right side of the brain, the creative side, to dominate for while. This is the side of the brain responsible for rhythm, spatial awareness, colour, imagination – all things that we need in yoga classes as well.

Being creative is the opposite of stress and it expands your consciousness; no one can be both truly creative and stressed at the same time. Come along, leave your worries behind for a while, and let this class be a meditation for the mind whilst you focus on the beautiful life model infront of you, and wonder at the marvel of these great bodies we’ve been blessed with that allow us to perform our yoga classes.

YSI: The Garden of Joy

The Garden of Joy

3 for 2 Private Classes this Summer

Yoga Classes

Yogashala IbizaWe are also going to be doing ‘3 for the price of 2 Private Yoga Class’ vouchers for those of you coming to Ibiza this summer who’d like a YSI yoga teacher to come visit you three times during your stay at your own villa, apartment, hotel or yacht. This means no matter your reason for visiting Ibiza – the night life, the beaches, the sun or just a quiet escape – you can advance your yoga practice significantly by the attention given to you in a private class with one of our teachers. Private classes are a great thing for couples to do together as well, as you can encourage one another to continue on with your practice – plus there is always time for giggling at one another attempting the trickier postures, yoga doesn't have to be serious! So if you’re visiting the island with your partner for a getaway then doing three private classes together like this could do your body and your mind the world of good.

Yogashala IbizaWe at YSI visited the beach of Cala San Vicente in the North of Ibiza this weekend. As you can see from the photo it is a stunning beach, and as we saw some scuba divers setting off. Jacqueline has a passion for diving, and she sometimes combines yoga holidays with scuba diving at YSI. If you're interested in this please see the dates below and send us an email at .

Saturday 4th July – Saturday 11th July (arrival and departure dates)
Saturday 11th July – Saturday 18th July (arrival and departure dates)

Another charming place to see in Ibiza is this beautiful church at Santa Carles, where the locals were celebrating the Easter holidays this weekend – Ibiza is full of so many lovely little areas like this. When you come here there is so much to see on the island full of character, so if you’re headed here this summer maybe save this as little spot to come and see.

Yogashala Ibiza

We at YSI were at the Easter Fayre at Hidden to give Jacqueline’s voucher to the auction of a private one-to-one session with her. After that it was straight to La Galeria Elefante in the Elefante Garden, the studio there where we host most of our yoga classes at the moment. There was Kirsty’s home-made lemonade, plenty of snacks and beautiful things in the shop.

Yogashala Ibiza Yogashala Ibiza


The day started at Amante Beach Club. As you can see from the photo it is an absolutely stunning place in Ibiza, right next to the YSI studio, the Garden of Joy. When you come for your yoga classes here we will always meet at the car park of Amante Beach Club by Sol d’en Serra in Cala Llonga, and this is the fantastic view that you will get.

Amante Beach

Amante Beach

YSI hosted a free yoga class by Corina at the Zoo Project market place. It was a lovely atmosphere for a class in the middle of the hustle and bustle giving us lots of life. There was even a bit of competition from the DJ at some point between him and Corina’s yoga ‘Walking Like an Egyptian’ music! But the class didn’t flinch one bit, everyone stayed focus on their yoga postures. The class were super lucky to have Jacqueline on hand to give assists. Everyone at the end looked really chilled out and happy, and commented on how nice it was to have such great adjustments during the postures.

Yoga Postures Yoga Postures

4th April 2015

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So this weekend we’ll be quite busy; we’re putting up posters around for the Free Classes offered by Yogashala Ibiza at the Garden of Joy during May and June. These will be happening 3:45-5:30pm 1st-8th May and 29th May-12th June. Contact us at www.yogashalaibiza.com if you’re interested and we’ll save you a slot for the days that you’re interested in.

Easter Fiesta Market

On Saturday we will be at the Easter Fayre at Hidden which is running from 2-10pm because Jacqueline has given a voucher for a very special private one-to-one class to the auction there. Congratulations to whoever wins that prize! We will then be going to the Elly Easter party at La Galeria Elefante from 5-8pm, where lots of our YSI classes are held. So if you'd like to meet any of us then come along for snacks, drinks and an easter egg hunt.

On Sunday we’ll then be going to the Zoo Project at Benimussa Park for their Easter Fiesta Market. There will be street food, music, and guess what? YOGA! By our very own Corina from YSI. She will be teaching a Dynamic Flow class right out there in the open market at 11am with Jacqueline there.

Easter Fiesta

Yoga Classes IbizaTalking about Corina, I went to her next YSI (Yogashala Ibiza) class at Galeria Elefante this morning. Another day in Ibiza – another yoga class.  Everyone at the start was commenting on how sore their legs were, in a good way, after Leanna’s challenging class yesterday. Corina’s class was another heart-pumping flow with some of my favourite standing postures that build up heat in the body; Warrior 3, Standing Splits and Triangle. Okay so ‘Standing Splits’ sounds impossible and ridiculous to the beginner, but this is what I really love about yoga; anyone can do it as there is a modification for each posture to make it do-able for even the very first class someone ever does.

Before we got into the yoga in the first place though we did the ‘Tiger Claw’ and ‘Eagle Claw’ hand exercises which I’m not that familiar with so it was really great for me to see what a challenge it is. Basically, whilst seated, you have to keep your elbows touching the side of your body and curl your fingers in and out, wrapping your thumb around them, as fast as you can. It sounds simple but you will soon feel your forearms heating up, and Corina mentioned how this exercise is great for people who work at computers.

We then did a really nice short sequence of moving from Triangle, to Extended Side Angle and then to Half Moon. It felt almost like a ballet to move through the transitions with careful coordination of the breath, and Corina mentioned how you must always come out of a posture the same way that you went in – so the transition out of the pose had to be carefully thought about as well, not just collapsed out of! For some cardiovascular work we did ‘Bunny Hops’ where from Downward Dog you jump up with your feet as if you might go into a Handstand, and come back down again ensuring to land lightly. This was fun and got the blood moving through the body really well. Everyone was breathing deeply throughout and Corina mentioned how she loves it when she can hear her students breathing in class, it really means this are flowing and working. Then to finish off the standing series we did Crow Pose which was really challenging for the upper arms. Corina spoke about making the upper arms into a sort of ‘shelf’ for the legs. All of us wobbled around for a while trying to do this, until one of us fell to which Corina responded “Great! Nice! If you fall that means you’re really trying” – which I thought was a really good, positive response from a teacher to encourage their students. After this we did a short yoga inspired ab-sequence as Corina reminded us all of our upcoming need to have our ‘Bikini Bodies’ out on Ibiza in the sunshine!

Crow Pose

We were all grateful to get on the floor after the long standing series and the ab-workout, and stretched it out over a series of postures that Corina gently led us through. We held some of them for quite a while, which she said some might think is a bit boring but it is really important to stay in these for longer. In fact the longer the better, as she used to do them whilst writing her notes or watching TV! A great tip that she gave during this stretching is that you should only use the breath to come into deep stretches comfortably, never using brute force in yoga. There should never be any discomfort or pain, only the use of deep inhales and exhales to get into the posture gently. 

From start to finish in this class I realised that Corina gave a class that involved all of the senses together. Incense was already burning before we arrived in the room to ensure that the mood had been set and it smelt nice, candles were lit for us to see, she played relaxing Indian-style music throughout the class for us to hear, she played her Tibetan singing bowl to us at the end, in the silence we could even hear the birds chirping happily outside, the sun was shining through the sky light – it was an hour and a half of total bliss! At the very end Savasana relaxation Corina covered her hands with a lavendar oil and went around the room making adjustments to our necks and shoulders. As we lay there with our eyes closed she spoke about a teacher that inspired her who told her to think of yoga as a mother giving you a hug, keeping you safe and healthy. Just the small touches like this can make all the difference in a class and really show the signs of a teacher who really thinks about all aspects of their class.


3rd April 2015

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Yoga Classes Ibiza

It’s my second full day on the island and just thinking about it everything has happened so fast already! I gave up my tenancy of my flat in the UK only a week ago, put everything into storage, packed up my car, and headed off to follow my dream of becoming a yoga teacher in Ibiza.

Time goes in a special kind of way on this island – it seems to be much more fluid and relaxed than back home. This morning I did my own yoga practice alone before the sun came up, which was wonderful. I love to be in a class having corrections from teachers and experiencing the energies of other people, but my home-practice is my sort of guilty pleasure. I think it is important to do your own practice in between classes to keep your body agile, to remember what you’ve learnt in previous classes, and to really get to know your own body in the stillness and quiet that comes with being alone. B.K.S. Iyengar in his book Light on Yoga said, “It is only through the mirror of yoga that the whole of man reflects to know himself.

At the end of this class I put my palms together, bowed my head, closed my eyes and said the words ‘Namaste’ . And that got me thinking, why do I do that? Why do we all do that at the end of a yoga class? And do we have to be ‘spiritual’ in order to say it?

In short – I think the answer is no, we don’t need to be spiritual to say this. In Hinduism Namaste means ‘I bow to the divine in you.’, but it really is just a concept of how to respectfully greet another person. In fact - when I worked in a yoga studio in London one of our clients refused to believe that it wasn’t just ‘Have-a-nice-day’ spoken really fast!

Namaste (spoken ‘nah-mas-tay’) may just be one word, but the meaning behind it is explained through a whole phrase. ‘Nama’ means to bow, ‘as’ means I , and ‘te’ means you – so literally it means ‘I bow to you’. It is done at the end of a yoga class to sort of bridge the gap between teacher and student, bringing a nice energetic union when the mind is less active and the atmosphere more peaceful. Some of my friends have commented how they would feel embarassed to say it at the end of a class as they don’t feel they are a true ‘yogi’ – but anyone can say it without any beliefs or knowledge behind it, it is purely a nice greeting.

A nice explanation that I found of Namaste is here:

My soul honours your soul.
I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.
In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.
All of this form just one word! What a beautiful way to end each and every class.

After this home-practice I spent the rest of the day organising myself for the work that I’ll be doing here. I ate my lunch on Talamanca beach and took in some wonderful Mediterranean rays before a meeting with Jacqueline, the YogaShala Ibiza founder, in Santa Gertrudis. Jacqueline totally got me for April Fool’s today as she got me believing that the Bougainvillaea bushes on Ibiza were moving around at night, which we both found hilarious.

There are so many exciting things that we’re doing as a company over the next few months – free classes at the Garden of Joy over the May period, the Detox Holidays, the Pregnancy and Post-Natal Module and the 200-hour Teacher Training that I’ll be on.

I feel so lucky for Jacqueline to have taken me on, and feel blessed to be able to share my journey through these blogs with our readers. Jacqueline has so much knowledge about yoga from years of learning, and I feel like I am ‘downloading’ her amazing information into my mind – how fortunate am I! The meeting was all talk of new posters, leaflets, newsletters and website changes.
So watch this space – we’re about to get busy!

Talking of getting busier - it is amazing to see how each day that passes the roads get a bit busier, there are more people out, the shop owners are sprucing up their places with a splash of paint, the beach clubs are preparing their outside seating areas, new umbrellas and signs go up – the island is preparing for the high season to come and the feeling of summer is beginning to vibrate through every place, person and thing.

1st April 2015

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Sunday, 09 November 2014 23:00

Who's that girl...?

Leanna Plant

So I arrived in Ibiza in a campervan, with all the family and dog in search of a more meaningful and connected life........ and I got it!

Leaving our home behind in London I realised it was hard to lose the London girl in me and to jump in to find new purpose, new direction, new aspirations, new friends and build a life for us all.
On a personal level having become a Yoga teacher in 2011 and taught in a busy Hot Yoga studio and having had a variety of yoga styles on my doorstep to immerse myself in, I wondered.... 'Where was my yoga journey going to take me??'

After some time out to be mama I was ready to be inspired and to then inspire others and what better place to start but in Ibiza I thought...? On a island with very educated yogi's and a sea of 200hr teachers... Hhmmm?

Then I found Jacqueline and Yogashala which sparked my inspiration and woohoo my new yoga journey began!

Her wise words and immense knowledge motivated me to delve deeper into my yoga studies and I began my 500hr TT. Our relationship began and continues as my teacher, my friend and my guiding light.

As my training continues with Yogashala over a year I have the pleasure and honour of being one of her teachers and assisting on the Yogashala 200hr TT and occasionally covering the classes at Galeria Elephante and Garden of Joy.

My aspirations now are to be the best person I can be for my family and to transcend all this in my class mixed with continued learning, harmony and sprinkled with a lot of love.
With big thanks to my husband my 2 babies and to Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell for being the best teachers I could wish for.


Leanna Plant

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Monday, 19 May 2014 23:00

Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga 

Wednesdays & Fridays 19:00-20:30

€15 drop-in (discounts apply for 10 pre-booked classes & residents)

Weekly evening JIVAMUKTI yoga classes are held at The Garden of Joy,

Sol Den Serra
C/Fuera SN
07849 St Eulalia

Latitude 38:57:13N (38.95353)
Longitude 1:31:53E (1.53134)


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