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travel the world and teach yoga

travel the world and teach yogaJacqueline Purnell is an amazing Yoga teacher and her Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Trainings are excellent.

Exactly one year ago I trained with her.
I called her the yoga lexicon, as she could answer all my questions precisely.
She has a huge knowledge and her softness and motherly way to explain helped me to even reach deeper to the real roots of Yoga.
We had been a strong group of 14 participants 4 of them Doctors.
We also went into the area how Yoga can help with medical issues.
The way she welcomed us in her beautiful Yoga center, close to the sea, we could listen to the waves in our meditations and sunrise and sunset spots, were very close by and I used those places to meditate on my own.
Sol her beautiful husband cooked honest food for us only products from the island.
Jacqueline was every second of the training full there with her beautiful presence, concentration and dedication.

travel the world and teach yogaI am travelling the world and I am teaching Yoga everywhere. The last training with Jaqueline gave me such a profound deep knowledge that I finally call myself a YOGA TEACHER.

Also could I connect Jaqueline in the last year with upcoming questions and she would be at my side with her knowledge and she would let me practise what I wanted to teach.

I am delighted I chose Jacqueline Purnell's Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training on Ibiza and I would always do it again and I recommend it to everybody.
Thank you Jacqueline.

travel the world and teach yoga


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I’m waiting outside of the beautiful La Galleria Elefante for my first Ibicencan yoga class. It’s 9am and I can already feel the warmth of the sun on my face, it is so beautiful here and feels so good to be back in Ibiza again! I have moved here two months before my very first teacher training with Jacqueline at Yoga Shala Ibiza, to get to know yoga on the island.

Yoga Shala Ibiza class at Galleria ElefanteCorina taught the class to us today and I really enjoyed it. At first we closed our eyes and started to become aware of our breath; she asked us to follow it in through the nose, swirl it around in the throat and lungs, all the way down to the diaphragm and then follow it back out again through the nose. This was a great meditation to do and I felt my mind go totally quiet as all I focused on was the sensation of the breath moving at the tip of the nose. We started to do a Pranayama (breathing exercise) with a three phrase mantra of, ‘Calm’ on the inhale, ‘Myself’ on the retention at the height of the inhale, and ‘Down’ on the exhale. This was very pleasant and calming to my nervous system and I felt my body relax into the class. We then began to put our hands over our bellies to breathe into this area with deep abdominal breaths. After that we moved our hands to do the same over our chest and then over the side-ribs. Corina mentioned that breathing through the chest is harder to do but is very useful during forward bending when we need to keep the belly in at the same time. Breathing throuhg the ribs is good to do when backward bending. It was really surprising how much all of these breathing exercises actually warmed me up, and when it was time to start the Asanas (postures) I felt more than ready to jump right in.

Corina spent a while going over the details of the Sun Salutations (also called ‘Vinyasas’) as we were going to be doing these a lot in the class. I personally love a good Vinyasa as it limbers up my whole body and makes me feel as if I have sorted of ‘wiped the slate clean’, ready to bring on what the world has for me during that day. The rest of the class was a challenging set of dynamic yoga postures, moving through flows with Sun Salutations all the way through. It got sweaty at various points! With challenging postures such as Chair Pose (Ukatasana) and King of the Dancer’s Pose (Natarajasana). In between these difficult postures we would stand still in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) with our eyes closed and hands together in prayer. Corina told us to feel for the pulsing ‘Prana’ energy flowing through us due to the practice of these Asanas, and it was great and invigorating to feel this.

Corina spoke about the difference between an ‘active’ and ‘passive’ downward dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). The ‘passive’ version of this pose is used as a rest between other postures. The ‘active’ kind is where the fingers of the hand are splayed and pushed into the floor with the palm of the hand, whilst the wrist lifts up. The arms are straight but not hyperextended, and they are contracting actively. At the same time the shoulder blades and trapezius muscle need to sink down, the sit bones lifted up to the ceiling and the heels sinking down towards the floor. The ribs can’t fly out though! It’s very tricky to keep it all in mind whilst doing it, but soon it becomes natural and easy.

The class finished off with some lovely words from Corina during the Savasana, and she played us some music from her Tibetan singing bowl instrument. She talked us through a brief meditation, and mentioned how this exact peace and calm that we were experiencing right then was what we all need to bring through with us during the summer months when the island really becomes alive and incredibly busy. The class was thoroughly relaxing and everyone had the look of ‘yoga-bliss’ on their face by the end. I loved my first experience of Yoga on Ibiza with Yoga Shala Ibiza, and look forward to the many more to come.

31st March 2015

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Thursday, 23 October 2014 23:00

Hollie Diss Testimonial

I’m home and sitting at my desk once again, surrounded by my once beloved technology and yet I’m lamenting for the simple life. Thanks to a process I started in September, my life is now forever changed.

My inability to get out of bed in the morning has been replaced by an early start, self-practice and a healthy breakfast to set me up for the day ahead. I’m stronger and healthier than ever and the grey cloud that used to follow me about has been exchanged for a new mental clarity. Although, one thing’s for sure I will never give up my morning coffee…some habits are too enjoyable to kick.

In my adult life I have struggled to find the time to study despite my best intentions. Therefore I decided that the teacher training course in Ibiza would be a perfect emersion, away from the distractions of every day life and a chance to recharge and refocus.

I had heard about Jacqueline from fellow teachers and after researching online and spending a few minutes on the phone I knew Ibiza the place for me.
Her teaching style is open, approachable and she is supremely knowledgeable. Founded on years of experience across many styles of Yoga and from many teachers from the Great Pattabhi Jois to the liberated souls of David Life and Sharon Gannon!

When I think of Ibiza I have an inner smile and warmth at the great memories and experience I had. I met some amazing people and made some friends for life.

In Ibiza my mornings were filled with the sound of the waves lapping the beach, tranquil meditations overlooking the mountain and morning practices awaiting the arrival of the warm sunrise.

I developed a great affinity for The Garden of Joy; it’s a unique space that has been hand carved by Jacqueline and her family and they have put all of their Bhakti into it. If you are looking for a retreat, somewhere to further your practice or take your yoga journey to next level then Jacqueline’s Yoga Teacher Training is the one for you.

Its not all great landscapes and food, it is challenging both mentally and physically. Be prepared to focus internally, learn more about yourself and go on a journey of self-exploration. This is about learning and self-development and graduating is one of my biggest achievements to date. 


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Friday, 02 May 2014 23:00

Yoga Holidays

Yoga Holidays

Yoga Holidays Ibiza

Daily yoga takes place at our own eco-friendly yoga centre, The Garden of Joy, and includes:

  • Two classes a day for one week with one free day
  • Yummy veggie brunch and dinner at the centre
  • Accomodation in a one or two bed apartment with a sitting room and kitchen
  • Massages and Treatments (optional)
  • Meditation and chanting (optional)

Please see Costs and Dates for prices and availability.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014 23:00

A day in the life of a Yoga Teacher Trainee

Yoga Teacher Trainee

Woke up at 5.30am when the alarm went off. Left the hotel and started the 10 min walk to the yoga retreat. My roommate and myself decided to walk in silence as recommended by our teacher so I used this time to practice my positive affirmation.

A day in the life of a Yoga Teacher TraineeArrived at the centre and swept the platform ready for our morning meditation. The group did really well and we managed to sit for 40 minutes. I've really progressed in my personal meditation and would never have imagined meditating for this long at home. Being away from everything and listening to the nearby sounds of the waves and crickets have really helped. Something feels different being on the island. Is it the energy?

After meditation we discussed the Bhagavad Gita by using study cards and texts. Reading the book before I got here has really helped. We looked behind the use of metaphor and how we could apply the meaning to our lives today.

8am Jacqueline led a yoga class and incorporated some different styles into the practice as well as the 'Sivananda' inspired sequence that we have been learning.

10am we went up to the house, blessed the food and had some well needed brunch cooked lovingly by Sol. Then more Karma Yoga and Theory and Practical sessions. Decided to go down to the beach at Amante for our 1 hour break and do some revision for the exam. Also need to think about my sequence for the demonstration.

As always 2pm came around very quickly. We all congregated by the pool for our afternoon lecture on anatomy and physiology. I wish I had listened more in my science classes! We then did our teaching practice, which went quite well today. I was chosen to teach the sun salutations. I'm really starting to grasp the sequence now – thank goodness!

After class we all did our designated jobs (karma yoga) I watered the garden and swept the area by the pool. Tried to do my positive affirmations again but Jonathon was making me laugh with his impressions! Walked back to the hotel with the others.

Settled down at 8pm with the others to work on the guided study, for my favourite time of the day. It feels so peaceful and settling when the sun goes down. There is something about the evening energy that brings us closer together as a group. Maybe its because the topics of discussion during the day are usually quite intimate and powerful. Earlier today we discussed reincarnation. 

Fell in to bed extremely tired. Realised once again however that it was that lovely tired that I used to experience as a child having spent the day with the horses. Not the stressed, computer induced lethargy that I have been experiencing all to often in recent years.

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