A Workshop with Jacqueline Purnell

A Workshop with Jacqueline Purnell

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A Workshop with Jacqueline Purnell

Sequencing of Vinyasa Flow to Forearm Balance or in Sanskrit "Pincha Mayurasana"

Date/Time - 12/03/2016 / All Day
The Costessey Centre
Longwater Lane
NR8 5AH Costessey
Norfolk, England

Aims of the Morning

• Instructing Sequencing & incorporating Vinyasa Flows towards Full Pincha Mayurasana Forearm Balance.
• Exploration of the mechanics of asana involved in Forearm Balance and its modifications

A Workshop with Jacqueline PurnellObjectives

By the end of the morning the students will (be able to):
– Practise a sequence of postures relating to Forearm Balance within various groups of asana
– Utilise their charts to notate their sequencing of Vinyasa Flows and explore creating their own versions

Aims of the Afternoon

–  To offer students the opportunity to develop deeper knowledge of the physical foundations of Arm Balances.
–  To explore the delivery of gateways into the keynote asana within other groups of asana


By the end of the afternoon the students will (be able to):
– Reproduce the sequence/Vinyasa Flow moving towards full Forearm balance or a modification
– Utilise their charts to notate preventative practice for protection of vulnerable areas

Teaching Material Used On The Day

Interactive handouts

Methods of presenting the subject

Talks & discussions, demonstration, detailed verbal instructions.
Assessment: question and answer, feedback and observation

About the Tutor Jacqueline Purnell ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance, BWY Dip.

Jacqueline is a BWY Diploma Course Tutor and is licensed to teach the BWY Foundation Course One and Two. A qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher, she also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga.

Jacqueline has been described as a leading innovator in the instruction of Vinyasa Flow  Yoga— guiding teachers and student teachers to create transformational vinyasa flow sequences to enhance their teaching and their understanding of Flow.

Jacqueline integrates the Breath in synchronisation with the most creative and demanding of Flows.

Also known for bringing the seeds of challenging postures alive for modern practitioners. Practitioners who wish to go deeper, to smoothly transform their practice into a truly  life-transforming journey.

A Workshop with Jacqueline Purnell

Outline plan for the day

10.00– 10.10 Introduction, housekeeping
10.10 – 11.00 Introduction of various Arm Balances, Pavanmuktasana,Bandha,Pranayama
11.00 – 11.30 Lecture and Q&A (handouts)
11.30 – 11.50 Tea Break
11.50 – 12.40 Lead asana practice dynamic sequences incorporating pavanmuktasana
12.40 – 13.00 Feedback, discussion, Q&A
13.00 – 14.00 LUNCH
14.00 – 14.45 Further feedback, practical work with handouts and Q&A
14.45 – 15.30 Lead asana practice facilitating safe techniques to develop towards keynote posture
15.30 – 16.00 Evaluation questionnaire (given and collected by host),

Other information and what to bring with you on the day.

Bring yoga mat and wear appropriate clothing.
Also bring a belt, yoga blocks and a blanket for relaxation.

Bring your own lunch, mug, colouring pens/crayons paper, yoga props and layers for warmth

Looking for new ways to present challenging postures? Then join Jacqueline on the journey of leading to Inversions.

Dear Jacqueline,
I so enjoyed the day with you, and learnt so much.
Guildford December 2015